Store Name: Tektronix Company Surplus Store

13489 SW Karl Braun Dr.
Bldg. 13,

Beaverton, OR 97077

Phone: (800) 835-9433 (Ask for the RAMS Store, Bldg. 13, Main Campus).
Public Hours: FIRST AND THIRD THURSDAY EACH MONTH, 14:00 - 16:00
Web Site?
Primary Line: Tektronix Test Equipment and Accessories.
Secondary Line: Office equipment, computer hardware and software, furniture, factory floor and manufacturing equipment.
Pricing (Primary Line): A -
Pricing (Secondary Line): A
Variety Grade:
Too Variable to Call (usually B or better)
Customer Service Grade: A +
Overall Grade: A

(Last Review: 17-Aug-06)

Note: In case you didn't already know, the Tek Surplus Store has been closed for everyone -- employees and public -- since the Pandumbic took hold. As of 16-Jun-21, the last news I have is reopening will not take place before 1-Sep-21. Stay tuned...

Tektronix Surplus continues to be a terrific stop for any scrounger. In fact, it's safe to say that I have never left empty-handed or dissatisfied, and that's saying something where the surplus arena is concerned. My most recent visit was no exception. It netted me a nice HP function generator, and some DIP IC insertion pliers (which, for whatever reason, are nearly impossible to find these days).

Get ready for a surprise. I don't usually take more than a storefront photo or two of any given location, but I've chosen to make an exception in the case of Tek Surplus. This is because the new store location is laid out very differently from the old one, and contains some hazards for the unwary scrounger.


The new entryway is much narrower than the old one, and does not open directly into the store as it did in Building 38. Once you go in, be prepared to take a near-immdiate left turn into the store entrance. This first photo was taken looking into the store from said doorway.


The very first stop you are likely to want to make is the main test gear area. Take another look at the picture above, on the left side. See the doorframe just beyond the breaker panel? That's the entrance to the test gear area, so you'll be making a left into the store and then another immediate left. This next photo is what it looks like from the door.

WARNING! This room is a lot smaller than the original test gear areas at Bldg. 38!

Be careful when maneuvering around in there, especially when you're hauling equipment, as it will be very easy to injure yourself or someone else.

The Dock...

The store now has a large 'dock' area where the bigger stuff, like furniture, equipment racks, and assorted shelving all go. This is what it looks like as you walk straight forward from the store's entry door.


To the left side of the entry door, past the test equipment room, you will find a number of shelves and tables containing coaxial adapters, specialized cables, probes, probe parts, and other small components. This is a partial shot of what it looks like.


Finally, to the right of the main entry door, and just behind the edge of the sales counter, you will find an area dedicated to computer hardware and software. This is also where you may find operating and service manuals for Tek-related goodies. This is what it looks like.

The Holding Area...

Refer back, once again, to the first interior picture. See the shelving racks in the right portion of the shot, against the back wall? Those are the 'Hold' shelves where you can park your purchases until you're ready to check out. As I've mentioned before, the shoppers are very well behaved, and will respect your pile if you respect theirs. Your item might get nudged, or stared it (sometimes enviously), but it is not likely to be disturbed.

With that said, I will add that Tek Surplus is the type of store where if you see something you even THINK might be interesting or useful to you, GRAB IT AND STICK IT IMMEDIATELY ON THE 'HOLD' SHELF and inspect or test it later! I absolutely guarantee that you will have some "Frell, I missed out!" moments if you don't do this.

Like some other surplus stores, Tek Surplus is one where you really need to be a regular if you're going to get the most out of them. It already has a healthy crowd of regulars, many of whom are experts in electronics engineering and test gear. Don't be afraid to act like a falcon swooping in on its prey if you see something you like, because the regulars will most certainly do so!


There are a couple of negatives about the new place. First, there are NO restrooms available except to Tektronix employees. None! Don't be drinking that quart-size Big Gulp before opening time, or you will find yourself rushing to the shopping plaza to the west of the campus at the most inconvenient moment possible!

Second: As mentioned above, the new test gear room is dangerously small. I've said as much to the store's management, and they are all too aware of the problem. Unfortunately, they were not given a lot of choice when they got moved. Just be careful when you're perusing in there, and don't go in at all when its crowded if you're claustrophobic.

The Bottom Line ...

Early arrival is still the best policy. Get there at least 1.5 hours BEFORE public opening time (in other words, no later than 12:30 local), bring a book and/or some lunch (there's a Subway in the shopping plaza, barely five minutes away from the store), and be prepared to wait. You can often pass the time chatting with the regulars, and many of them have fascinating stories to tell.


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