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Specializing in support of 'legacy' radios and conversion of commercial units to Amateur Radio service.

The big commercial shops are rarely, if ever, willing to attempt any such conversions. This is understandable: It's not an area of the market they've chosen to serve. Even if they do offer such things, they have to charge hundreds of dollars per hour to make ends meet. After all, they have a full-size business to run.

This is where guys like me come in. I've been working in the radio field since 1989, primarily with Motorola gear. This has given me a pretty good idea of what's practical, what's not, and how much effort is involved in any given project.

As of 31-May-15, I can program the following conventional Motorola and GE radios. Trunked radios will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will depend upon the availability of the system ID and system key file as provided by the trunked system's owner, with their full knowledge and written consent.

Due to legal and technical considerations, I will not program any trunking radio to be a "scanner" on any system. If you want to monitor a trunking system, there are plenty of trunking-capable scanners on the market.

Mobiles, Base Stations, Repeaters: Portables:
Astro Series (Spectra, XTS3000) Astro Series
Astro-25 Series (XTL, APX) Astro-25 Series (XTS, APX)
GE Phoenix, Delta, Ranger and Orion series HT1250/1550/'Pro' series (Portable and Mobile)
Maxtrac GM300 & GP300
MCX1000 GTX Portable (Conventional Only)
GTX Mobile HT50
Maratrac HT600
MSF5000/10000 (CSB and CXB series) HT/JT1000
MSF5000 PURC Analog "Jedi" Series
MTR2000 MT1000
Radius Mobile or Repeater MT & MTS2000
Radius Portable Series, incl. P100 and P200
Spectra Standard Saber and Systems Saber
Spectra Railroad (Programming and minor alignment only - No repairs available due to lack of parts). (New in 2015) MotoTRBO Series DMR Mobiles, Portables & Repeaters
Spectra Portable Repeater STX (Conventional Only)
Syntor X9000 Visar
Syntor X9000E (New in 2015) APX Series Mobiles & Portables
Syntor X (VHF Low, High, & UHF)
Syntor (Original, VHF and UHF)

For radios I can't handle: I can suggest two possible alternatives. One is Brinkley Electronics. For more extensive coverage of GE products, and other related radio services, you can check with Radio Gurus.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't service any sort of consumer electronic radios, such as CB or FRS equipment, nor do I deal with mobile phones or cordless phones. If you have equipment of this nature that needs service, your best bet is your local Yellow Pages under 'Electronic Equipment Service and Repair.'

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(Last Update: 31-May-15)