Device Programming Services

Chip programming, whether done with memory or logic devices, can be a tricky process for older equipment. Trying to preserve ROMs from an arcade or pinball game? Need to program something exotic which a Willem or Needham unit doesn't even want to talk about? Give me a buzz. I've found very few devices a Data I/O Unisite or 3980 can't read or write. I can also handle some newer devices with an XGECU series programmer.

Programming service is rendered with a one-time/flat-rate $50 per-job charge, plus a per-device charge as shown in the table below.

Device Quantity

Cost per Device
1-5 $2.00
6-10 $1.75
11-24 $1.50
25 or more $1.00

Supported Device Package Types:


Others -- Let's talk.

Orders are return-shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless you say otherwise.

If you're sending me a source file to be programmed into hardware, please check with me to make sure it'll be in a format I can handle (or one which can be converted to something I can handle). Generally, I do programming for all memory devices in Absolute Binary (Data I/O #16), and logic device programming in JEDEC Full (Data I/O #91).

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