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1819 Central Ave. S., Unit 4

Kent, WA 98032

Phone: (253) 852-5579
09:00 - 17:00 Tue-Wed-Fri, Closed Monday and Thursday -- APPOINTMENT ONLY!
Web Site?
No (Ebay Seller ID tek*dragon)
Primary Line: Networking, telecommunications, and computer hardware
Secondary Line: Some test gear (not frequent), phones and phone systems, misc. electronics
Pricing (Primary Line): B +
Pricing (Secondary Line): B
Variety Grade, Primary Line:
Customer Service Grade: A +
Variety Grade, Secondary Line: B
Overall Grade: B +

LAST UPDATE: 25-Apr-10

This place was an interesting (and accidental) discovery for me, as many of the better places I've found have been. One of the critical modules in my network switch had failed, and I was in a hurry to find a replacement. This seller not only had one, he had it at a decent price, and the level of customer service was nothing short of amazing!

Although Tekdragon is primarily an Ebay seller, they also do out-the-door sales. Combined with the variety of stuff they have, it's enough to give them a listing here. Keep in mind that visits to their office are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. You MUST call before going out!

Expect to find much network and computer hardware here, primarily HP/Compaq, Dell, and Cisco. The computer goodies are mainly server-class, while the network gear can run the gamut from simple NICs all the way up to components for enterprise-class switches. Test gear is pretty rare, but one notable line Tekdragon had in-house during my visit (April 2010) was a whole series of new/old-stock Heathkit Continuing Education kits. These were sold mainly to colleges and universities, back in the 80's to 90's, as teaching aids for basic analog and digital electronics courses, including early microprocessors.

Pricing is a true mixed bag. Some items, like server power supplies, NICs, and some disk drives, are extremely reasonable. Other prices, such as those for complete servers, seem high to me compared with other vendors. Haggling is a possibility, though I didn't feel compelled to try it at the time.

Happy hunting.

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