Store Name: RE-PC Recycled Computers (Tukwila Store)

510 Andover Park West

Tukwila, WA 98188

Phone: (206) 575-8737
10:00 - 19:00 Mon-Sat.
Web Site?
Primary Line: New & Used Computer Systems, parts, accessories, software.
Secondary Line: Business equipment, test gear, consumer electronics.
Pricing (Primary Line): B-
Pricing (Secondary Line): B-
Variety Grade:
Customer Service Grade: A+
Overall Grade: B

Note: The Tukwila store will be moving, in the Fall season of 2017, to 600 Andover Park East, next to Moe's Furniture. The move isn't expected to take place until sometime in October, so I'll wait until they're settled in before I post a full update.

RE-PC started out with just one store, near the old Kingdome (Seattle) site in 1992. Back then, it was known as the 'PC-FIXX Clearance Center.' Seattle didn't have a good used-computer place at the time, so the idea (and the store) caught on like wildfire. The clearance operation was sold off in 1994 to Mark Dabek and Steve Hess, partners in the company 'Trailing Edge, Ltd.' They continue to own/operate both RE-PC stores to this day.

The interesting thing about RE-PC is that each store has its strengths and specialties. Both stores carry a large variety of desktop systems, servers, network equipment and printers, but Tukwila has by far the better selection of laptops. They're also the store that usually ends up with the test gear, IBM Selectric typewriters, and other oddball goodies.

You have to watch their pricing. Some of the items of test gear that I've seen show up have been overpriced almost as badly as Electronic Dimensions or Vetco. Others have been such a superb bargain that it causes me to do a double-take (right before I snap the item up, of course). ;-) The good news is that RE-PC is one of the few retail places you can actually haggle with a bit.

One thing I want to point out. If you don't see what you need, ASK AROUND! RE-PC's stock changes almost every day, and it is truly impossible to know what they're going to get in at any given moment.

Whatever you buy from them, or have worked on by their repair staff, you'll get an honest deal and good service. I've known Mark and Steve for years (in fact, I worked for them at one time), and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more honest pair in the computer business.

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