Store Name: Electronic Dimensions

424 Puyallup Ave.

Tacoma, WA 98421-1317

Phone: (253) 272-1061
11:00-18:00 Wed-Fri and 12:00-15:00 Sat.
Web Site?
Primary Line: Radio and Telecommunications Equipment, Commercial and Military Surplus.
Secondary Line: Electronic test & measurement equipment of all types: Meters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, counters, signal and function generators, switches, pots, connectors, tubes, laboratory glassware, aircraft instruments, avionics.
Pricing (Primary Line): C -
Pricing (Secondary Line): C -
Variety Grade:
Customer Service Grade: B
Overall Grade: C -

Electronic Dimensions is an odd contradiction. They have one of the best varieties of stuff I've seen in any electronic surplus store since 1980, and they're friendly people to boot.

They also, unfortunately, have some of the most absurd prices on the west coast. They were largely responsible for my initial (very bad) impressions of the Washington surplus scene, when I first moved here in 1993. In fact, their Yellow Pages ad once made the bold claim "Surplus at its Best!"

To this day, I still ask the question "It's Best what?"

Their prices, if the list on their web site can be taken seriously (last check Sep-2017), are still what I would politely consider 'A bit insane.' $755 for a Tektronix 7603 'scope mainframe? $2,600 for a 7844 dual-beam? $919 for a UV EPROM Eraser? Seriously?? Shift the decimal point on said eraser two spots to the left, and you'll be a lot closer to the truth.

In summary: E-Dim can be counted on as a decent source for small parts, components, meters, connectors, tools and the like. They even have the occasional bargain on bizarre test gear items that don't come from their "favorite" (Tektronix and HP) manufacturers. However, most of their test gear and equipment prices remain largely out of contact with reality.

To be fair, I have gotten some decent bargains from them, even in the test gear arena (once!) That, and the fact that their prices on small parts and oddball items seem pretty reasonable, is the only thing saving them from a lower grade in their pricing.

The other thing saving their grade is that they're really nice people, as mentioned, and they will at least haggle with you. Don't expect much movement, though..


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