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Company Name: Excess Solutions

2070 S 7th St.

San Jose , CA 95112


(408) 262-3900

FAX: (408) 262-3939

Mon-Thu., 08:00 - 16:00, Fri. 10:00 - 17:00, Sat. 10:00 - 15:00
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Primary Line: Electronic Components (passives & actives), connectors, electromechanicals, optoelectronics, power supplies, fans, relays, hardware.
Secondary Line: Computer hardware & (old) software, network equipment, electronic assemblies, wire, cable, racks, keyboards, etc.
Pricing (Primary Line): B +
Pricing (Secondary Line): B +
Variety Grade:
Customer Service Grade: A
Overall Grade: A

LAST UPDATE: 21-Oct-21

When was the last time you remember a favorite electronic surplus place moving -- AND expanding in the process, instead of shrinking?

Excess Solutions has managed to do this twice in a row, now. As of (approximate) August-2021, they moved to a (their words) 'slightly larger' location a few blocks away from their old spot at 1555 S 7th. Now that I've seen the new place, I can safely say 'slightly' is putting it mildly; Their new location appears to be at least half again as large as the old one, not counting their additional warehousing and work space. Put those factors in the mix, you've got twice the size of the old place, easy.

The downside they had before still exists, in that they're still a few blocks away from San Jose State U's Spartan Stadium. This could pose a traffic problem on game/event days, so I would advise checking to see if there's an event at Spartan the day you plan to go and allow extra time if there is.

Once you do get there, allow at least a couple of hours to go through the place in depth. This means digging deep into the shelves, as treasures can sometimes be hidden under other items or even each other. Cell reception is solid, at least with T-Mobile, which is a real boon if you're using your smartphone or tablet to look up the specs on whatever you're thinking of buying (and why wouldn't any self-respecting techie be equipped to do so?) ;-)

In summary: ES Remains firmly in the 'Don't you dare miss it!' category. Happy hunting!

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